Why Caravan

Popularity of Caravan Holiday is growing in South Africa, It is not hard to see why caravan holidays are so popular. The  flexibility and freedom of planing your own route and time is one big attraction and a reason why so many holiday maker now making Caravan as their first choice of holiday.

When you choose a Caravan holiday, your time really is your own, no matter how short the break is. If, after a hard week’s work, you decide you want to get away from it all and enjoy a relaxed, picturesque weekend away from the grind of daily life, you can do so with a caravan without going through hassles for finding an accommodation and making booking.

You may already own a caravan and know all the fun it comes with or you are thinking to buy one for your next holiday. if you looking for places to go with your Caravan,

check out list of various sites and places in South Africa.

Camp Sites

If you a owner of a Caravan, why not rent it and let your Caravan give you, your next holiday.

Turn the idle Caravan sitting in your own garage into cash through renting them to Caravan Junction Member.


If you planing Caravan holiday why to buy, why not choose from listing and rent it from our users.

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